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JavaScript® is a programming language used to create functionality, animation, photo galleries, and much more as the internet is ever-changing. Unlike Adobe® Flash® animations and galleries, JavaScript will run on any device or internet browser, including Apple mobile products like the iPad and iPhone. All the following examples are all written in JavaScript®, if you are familiar with Adobe® Flash® you can see the similarities. Click any image to visit the website and demo the animation/gallery (JavaScript® must be enabled in your browser):

GigaFlash Gallery UFO Spiral GigaFlip Gallery Bricks Game Energy Strategies Photo Gallery Ball in Cup Game Mueller Construction Photo Gallery

GigaFlash Gallery

This Gallery features several animations and transitions between single or multiple photos.

UFO Spiral

Animation features four UFOs, or lights, or [use your imagination], which start in each corner of the screen and spiral towards a center point into one, that one then inflates to fit the screen.

GigaFlip Gallery

This Gallery has a scrollable set of thumbnails at the bottom of a main image. When any of the thumbnails are clicked, that image does a flipping action to place itself as the main image.

Bricks Game

The old game of using a paddle to knock bricks out of an array -- developed completely in JavaScript. Use the left/right arrow buttons on your computer's keyboard to move the paddle.
(Works best in Google Chrome)

Energy Strategies Photo Gallery

This gallery was created for Energy Strategies in Sheboygan, WI. It features a scrollable gallery of images and accompanying descriptions which roll up from the bottom of the image as a user scrolls through.

Ball in Cup Game

Click the button and watch the cups cover the ball and try and follow which cup the ball is in until the animation is over. Then click the cup to see if you are correct.

Mueller Construction Photo Gallery

This gallery features scrollable thumbnails below a main image, any thumbnail can be clicked to view that image as the larger main image. The gallery was written for Mueller Construction in Belgium, WI.



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